Voyages made easier

The all-in-one tool to manage your passengers and voyages

Save time, increase bookings, connect with your community

Guild of Ships is an advanced, safe and simple-to-use booking system
GOS grows your network: you recommend other ships and earn commission
Let's promote sail travel to the world

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Advanced Automation

Save time and money. Less administration. Focus on your core business.

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Safe and Secure

Passenger data encryption. Enhanced privacy features. GDPR compliant.

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Circular Economy

Recommend other ships and earn commission. Build trust and cooperation.

Wind-powered travel is vital for the future
GOS enables collaboration between ships, passengers and agents
Join GOS to grow the sector and inspire a greener world

Easy Administration

Serious time-saving for you and your passengers, in an app that is easy to use and friendly in tone.

  • Smooth payment process
  • Passenger Portal for clear communication
  • Instant overview of voyages and bookings
  • Easy-to-upgrade voyage information

Privacy and Safety

GOS provides really great security so that everyone feels looked after.

  • Protect your passengers' data with encryption
  • Enhanced privacy features for group bookings
  • Easy and secure login for passengers
  • Full GDPR compliance for peace of mind

Circular Model of Best Practice

This is the heart of GOS. We enable ships and agents to support each other and create a community of best practice. This attracts new companies and inspires other sectors.

  • Circular referral system
  • Recommend other ships and earn commission
  • Promote voyages and earn commission

Free to use and simple to try

No subscription for companies that join GOS. An easy plugin for you to install. GOS earns by taking 5% commission on every booking. Get in touch today!

The main benefits to you

Easy Administration

No more copy and paste

Our process is automated, time-saving and friendly

Easy communication with passengers/trainees

Overviews of bookings for admin team and captain

Privacy and Safety

GDPR compliant

We look after passenger/trainee information

All personal data is encrypted immediately

Experts at managing large volumes of personal data

Circular economy

This is the heart of GOS

Recommend other ships and earn commission

Get to know, trust and promote other companies

Excellence and abundance - rather than competition

Welcome aboard! Try GOS on one or all of your voyages. See how much time you save.

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